Power of Attorney

This packet contains the Alaska form for a Power of Attorney, provided as a courtesy of the Alaska Legal Services Corp. Neither the Aging and Disability Resource Center nor the Alaska Legal Services Corp. take responsibility for how you fill it out. The law allows you to fill out this form on your own. This packet contains general information to assist you. However, if you have questions, please contact an attorney.

The Lawyer Referral Service (272-0352 or 1-800-770-9999 outside Anchorage) can provide you with a list of attorneys.

If you cannot afford an attorney or if you are 60 years or older, Alaska Legal Services may be able to assist you. Please call Anchorage 272-9431 or (888) 478-2572; Barrow (855-8998); Bethel 543-2237 or (800) 478-2230; Dillingham 842-1452 or (888) 391-1475; Fairbanks 452-5181 or (800) 478-5401; Juneau 586-6425 or (800) 789-6426; Kenai 395-0352; Ketchikan 225-6420; Kotzebue 442-7737 or (877) 622-9797; Nome 443-2230 or (888) 495-6663; and Palmer (746-4636).

Note: If you do not wish to give your agent all of the powers listed in Section 2 of the Power of Attorney form, you can limit which powers you grant by crossing out any undesired provisions AND putting your initials on the line in front of it. Any power (A-O) that is not crossed out and initialed will be granted to your agent.
You can find more detailed information about what powers each provision grants by asking an attorney or reading Alaska Statute Section 13.26.344.