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Maximum Immune Support for COVID-19

Introduction: What vitamins and supplements can assist in immune health to take preventative measures for one’s health.

To maximize immune support, incorporate some of these remedies to make sure your immune system is in top shape.

An herbal remedy of a species of South African geranium, umcka plays a role in the production of a specialized protein, called
cytokines, that may protect the body’s cells from viral infection (7).
Supplement with 1.5 mL 1-3 times daily

The vitamin that’s really more of a hormone, deficiency in vitamin D is associated with increased susceptibility to infection.
Supplement with 1000 to 5000 IUs daily.

A traditional Chinese medical herb, astragalus modulates immune response, and supports a healthy expression of proteins in-
volved in immune function.

Supplement with 1 gram daily.

The Bigger Picture
Illness can be scary. But much of what causes panic is a lack of information and understanding. The most important thing to do
is keep a level head and evaluate data as it becomes available. The best thing we can all do is be prudent with our actions to
avoid spreading any germs, and to make smart decisions to build a robust immune system.
Share the valuable information with someone who may not be as well-informed as you are!
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