About Us

LINKS – Linking Information and Knowledge about Special needs – is a non-profit agency that has served the Mat-Su Borough for more than 20 years. We currently have four programs serving various populations in the borough and statewide.


To provide information, support and assistance to parents of children and individuals with special needs, seniors, their professional partners and their communities.


Our vision is that every Mat-Su family and individual with a special need and every senior receives Information, Education, Outreach and Support in a culturally competent environment to empower them to advocate for themselves and their families.

Board of Directors

Leslie Davis, President

Melinda Ericksen, Vice President

Cheryl Carson, Secretary

Colleen Andrews, Treasurer

Michelle Hopkins, Board Member

Christie Alexander, Associate Member



Greta Kopperud, Training & Resource Development Specialist

Linda Kupers, Administrative Assistant

Sharon Hein, Operations Manager



Britney Travis, Program Director

Diana Hunter-Carlson, ADRC Specialist

James Lewis, ADRC Specialist

Rob Bashleben, ADRC Specialist

Ron Dennison, IT/ADRC Specialist

Terri Pfister, ADRC Specialist

Veteran Directed Care Program

Thomas Brass, S2S Services Coordinator Lead

Dawn McHendry, S2S Services Coordinator


Jennifer Pirtle, Program Director

Taft Johnson, Parent Advocate / Administrative Assistant


Erin Lusk, Program Director

Krista Squire, Lead Community Health Worker

Autumn Hedgepeth, Community Health Worker

Christine Hundley, Community Health Worker

Kelsea Irwin, Community Health Worker

Nancy Strahan, MDT Facilitator

How do I start?

Start by contacting one of our advocacy specialists today. Call 907-373-3632 between 9am and 4pm, Monday through Friday for assistance, or to schedule an appointment.

Join our Board of Directors

We currently have Board member seats open – please fill out the application below to apply to volunteer as a LINKS Board member.

Board of Directors Application

Submit the application with a letter of interest explaining why you would like to join the board.