COVID-19 Resources for Children and Families

Direct Links to Resources:
Khan Academy
Mat-Su Borough School District
Beanstalk Online School

Kids Kupboard Mobile Routes During Closure

Grab N’ Go Meal Distribution Centers

COVID-19 Children Coping with Stress (and how to help)

Introduction: How to help children with stress during this time. The COVID-19 pandemic is very stressful for adults and can be just as if not more stressful for children. This document has tips and guidance to help children during these times.
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National Hotlines by Help Me Grow Alaska

Financial Resources for Military Families

Introduction: Links and resources for Military families that help during times of financial stress.
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Foster Parent Frequently Asked Questions about COVID-19

Introduction: Questions about COVID-19 and how they relate to fostering and their answers. The questions that are asked and answered in this document:

  • What is the OCS systemic response to COVID-19 and how are these actions influencing its practice? How will this response plan be communicated to foster parents?
  • Will you know if a child has been exposed to COVID-19 before being placed in the home? Will OCS disclose illness symptoms to FP before requesting placement?
  • What is expected of us if someone in our family gets COVID-19 or a foster child gets COVID-19?
  • Does Medicaid cover testing of a child for COVID-19? Can a foster parent get a child tested?
  • Is it safe to travel with kids? What do we need to do?
  • What about visits and family contact? How will the safety of children and adults be protected? What if the birth family is visibly sick? Can I stop a visit?
  • Many foster parents are older and many family placements are grandparents. Are there special precautions for the elderly and medically fragile populations?
  • What assistance can OCS give if child care is an issue with the shutdown of schools?
  • Can foster parents refuse entry of a caseworker into their home if they believe the social worker is sick or showing symptoms of being sick?
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COVID-19 Support & Resources for MSBSD Students & Families

Introduction: Links, Phone numbers, Locations, and other Resources that help families in the Mat-Su Valley area.
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Other COVID-19 Resources

COVID-19 General Information

COVID-19 Universal Precautions

COVID-19 Grocery Delivery Resources

COVID-19 Holistic Health Resources

COVID-19 and Medicaid

COVID-19 and Medicare

COVID-19 Mental/Behavioral Resources

COVID-19 Resources for Seniors & Individuals with Complex Medical Conditions

COVID-19 and Utilities

COVID-19 VA Resources